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Since 1994, HLR Motorsports Park has held racing events every summer in the Mid-West. This 2020 season the park will host rounds to Missouri Vintage Motocross, AHRMA Vintage National, Missouri State Motocross, HLR Night Series and Hot Summer Nights MX Series!

Shred the Day track on a bike!

Day Track

The Day track is designed to suit the riding style of all levels with open corners and flowing jumps. The track is groomed, prepped and watered for every event!

Rail berms on the Night track!

Night Series

The night track accommodates quads and bikes of all skill levels. The track consists of tabletops, small doubles, a whoop section and a full gate under the lights.

Tilled HLR dirt

Our Park

HLR is passionate to create a safe atmosphere for the family to experience the joy of racing together. All skill levels and ages welcome to come ride and race!

2020 Event Schedule

We will host our normal Wednesday Night Practices 4:00pm-Dark and $15 per rider. Quads will be welcome on Wednesday’s that do not have a Night race the following weekend. Wednesday’s on a race week will be bikes only. Weekend practices will be on a week to week basis and will be updated every Monday morning for the following weekend.
We will no longer require pre-registration for practices although we can still send an invoice by email if you prefer.

Saturday, October 17th

Practice Day Track (Bikes Only)
Prepped practice from 10:00am to 3:00pm.
$25 per rider.

Sunday, October 18th

Rider Training
We are happy to announce that Scott Gebken with Innovative MX Training will be holding a class here at HLR on Sunday, We are picky when it comes to training and think Scott does a great job.
Sign Up will be available soon at www.innovativemx.com. Spots are limited!

Saturday & Sunday, October 31st & November 1st

Round 10 of the Missouri State Motocross Championship Series at HLR.
Friday: Gates open for camping 3:00pm - 11:00pm ($15 per person for the weekend)
Saturday: Gates Open 7:00am-11:00pm ($12 per person for Saturday & Sunday). Practice 9:00am-2:00pm ($25 per rider). Early Sign In for Sunday 1:00pm-3:00pm. Saturday after 3:00pm we are planning lots of events, Corn hole tournament, bon fire, trunk or treat, wagon rides, and other things TBA.
Sunday: Gates Open 6:00am, Sign In 6:30am-8:00am, Church Service with Heinz 7:30am-8:00am, Riders Meeting 8:00am, Practice 8:20am, Races 10:00am. We will be adding 50cc, 65cc, & 85cc Beginner classes to our normal race classes for any first year riders and families that would like to try out the day track and the MO State MX Series. MORE DETAILS COMING SOON!


2020 HLR Motorsports Update

While we are free to open, we will still have a few restrictions in place for everyone’s safety and in accordance with our county guidelines. We will be asking that all riders and families spread out and use all the available parking area to allow 6 ft. between vehicles. There should be plenty of room for this as the upper portion of our parking area is rarely used on a night race. The social distancing recommendation is still in place as well, so be respectful of other people’s space.

Racers ready to ride!

HLR Series Info

Gates open at 3:00pm, sign in 4:00pm - 6:00pm, practice 5:00pm and 6:00pm and races at 7:00pm.
Entry forms will be handed out at the gate or downloaded HERE, please feel free to print these out so you can fill them out ahead of time. Please bring completed forms to the sign up window.
Online payment for race entry is available by request just send us an email to shalterman@mostatmx.com and we can send you an invoice. There is a small service fee for this.

Here are a few things that you can do to make the evening safer and more enjoyable for everyone.

  • Bring your own pen for signing waivers at the gate and at rider sign up.
  • Bring Exact change for both the gate and rider Sign In. Gate and Entry Fees
  • Print and fill out paperwork from the website ahead of time.
  • Spread out and be respectful of the people around you.
  • Bring your own trash bag and take it home with you or drop it in the dumpster on your way out.
  • Please use social distancing when utilizing restrooms, sign up, concessions and trophy pick up.
  • Please be patient as all these steps will take extra time for your safety as well as the safety of our staff.
  • Have fun & enjoy the evening!


Gate fees for adults are $10, ages 5-8 are $5, and ages 4 or younger are free.

Race entry fees are $35 for first class and $30 for each additional class.



Youth: 0-50cc 2 & 4 stroke (Auto) Ages 4-8, 50cc Stock Ages 4-9 (Must be completely stock NO MODIFICATIONS), 70cc (51-70cc) 2 & 4 stroke Ages 6-11 (Shifters allowed), 90cc Ages 8-15 - 71-90cc 2stroke / 71cc-125cc 4stroke (Shifters allowed), 90cc stock Ages 8-15 (Must be completely stock NO MODIFICATIONS), Supermini Ages 12-15 - 71-105cc 2 stroke / 75-150cc 4stroke, Schoolboy Ages 13-17 - 91-300cc 2 stroke / 91-400cc 4 stroke.

Adult 15 & Over: Open Beginner (D), Open Novice (C), Open Intermediate (B), Open Expert (A) 16-29, Plus 30, Plus 40, Plus 50, Women

ALL ATV'S MUST HAVE A WORKING TETHER TYPE KILL SWITCH, NERFBARS, AND NUMBER PLATES WITH CONTRASTING COLORED NUMBERS FRONT AND REAR. Numbers on fenders only are not acceptable. If we cannot read your number you will not be scored!


Youth: 50cc Beginner 4-8, 50cc Jr. 4-6, 50cc Sr. 7-8, 65cc Beginner 7-11, 65cc Jr 7-9,65cc Sr 10-11, 85cc Beginner 9-15, 85cc Jr 9-11, 85cc Sr. 12-15, Supermini 9-15, Schoolboy 12-15. 50cc 4-9 & 65cc 7-11 open will be offered but only ran if we have 5 or more entries.

Adult 15 & Over: 250 Beginner, 250cc Novice, 250cc Intermediate, 250cc Expert, Open Beginner, Open Novice, Open Intermediate, Open Expert, Schoolboy 16-29, 16-29 Trophy Class, Plus 30 A & B/C, Plus 40 A & B/C, Plus 50, Girls, Women

Open Age: Trail Bike, Pit Bike 10", Pit Bike 12", 85cc-150cc Amateur 2 stroke.



This must be the riders first year of racing in any class. Exceptions may be made for riders that started at the end of 2018 and ran 3 or less races at any track. Moving up in class (example: 50cc to 65cc) does not allow a rider to run Beginner class again.

Daily Awards

ATV A, 250 A, & 450 A 100% Payback. Plus 30 & 40 A 70%, Plus 50 50%

All other classes trophy or plaque to 10th place.


Bikes- 11 races (Best 9 races count for awards, riders must run 8 events to be eligible for awards.)

Quads- 8 races (Best 6 races count for awards, riders must run 5 events to be eligible for series awards.

HOT SUMMER NIGHT SERIES- July & August (4 events) Bikes Only, all 4 rounds count towards awards. Riders must run 3 events to be eligible for awards. These 4 races will count for both HLR Night Series and Hot summer Night Series points.


If the Series is shortened due to inclement weather the following will apply.

10 events completed- A riders best 8 scores count for night series points (2 throw out races) A rider must ride at least 7 events in the same class to be eligible for end of year awards.

9 events completed-A riders best 7 scores count for night series points (2 throw out races) A rider must ride at least 6 events in the same class to be eligible for end of year awards.

8 events completed- A riders best 6 scores count for night series points (2 throw out races) A rider must ride at least 5 events in the same class to be eligible for end of year awards.

7 events completed- A riders best 5 scores count for night series points (2 throw out races) A rider must ride at least 4 events in the same class to be eligible for end of year awards.

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